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Wedge Wire Screens, Stainless Tubing, Pipe Fittings and Perforated Metals
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Profile Bar / Looped Wire / Resistance Welded

Profile Bar Screens

  • Mechanically interlocked design is perfect for applications requiring high strength and a flat surface.
  • Used heavily in cylindrical applications.
  • Slot openings as close as .005″.
  • Flatness to .060″.
  • Used in Petrochemical, Fish Diversion, Pulp and Paper, Waste Water, Food Processing and Architectural Industries.
  • Engineering & Specifications

Looped Wire Screens

  • Provides the perfect solution for vibratory applications that require high strength laterally and transversally.
  • Slots manufactured to .005″.
  • Used in the Brewing, Waste Water, Mining and Aggregate and Chemical industries.
  • Engineering & Specifications

Resistance Welded

  • Wire wrapped helically around support rods to create a cylinder with continuous slot openings.
  • Wires automatically resistance welded to each support rod producing a very strong cylinder with excellent beam burst and collapse strength.
  • Resistance welded cylinders produce screens with slot openings to .002″ and a larger percentage of open area.
  • These screens are widely used in Food and Beverage Processing, Fish Diversion, Water Intakes and Architectural.
  • Engineering & Specifications

Wedge Wire Screen Applications:

Intake Screens

  • Plugging problems minimized with built in maximum open area for water entry at low velocity.
  • Uses narrow, uniform slots with tight tolerances.
  • Incorporate the right metal to suit the water quality.
  • Have no moving parts.
  • Optional backwash systems and chemical feed lines.
  • Engineering & Specifications

Fish Diversion

  • Profile Bar Screen – is the strongest, flattest and most durable screen offered by Hendrick Screen.
  • These systems are one of the best options to protect marine life and are recommended by leading environmental authorities.
  • Used in dam and river systems in North & South America
  • Protect fish from the hydroelectric turbines and pumps.
  • Engineering & Specifications

 Also Available:

Brewery/Lauter Screens Resin Traps & Header Laterals
Rotary Drum Cylinders Pressure Vessel Internals
Flat Panels & Sieve Bends Standard & Custom Nozzles
Strainer Screens Vessel Support Grids
Custom Fabricated Screens Inlet & Outlet Baskets

It is a distinct advantage to have Hendrick as a single reliable source for all your screen needs. Hendrick is the only U.S. Company producing wedge wire, profile wire, and looped wire screens in several materials, with a wide variety of sizes, shapes and precision openings. We offer screens in several constructions and material types, along with a wide variety of sizes, shapes and precision openings.

Wedge Wire Screen products are offered in 300 series stainless steel, Duplex and Super-Duplex stainless, Monel, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Copper Nickel and Aluminum.


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